Maxi Liberation

What Is This?

EPUB/FB2/FB3 book meta tag editor.

Maxi means maximum expression of digital text form. Liberation is library.

The program is Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). There is only one right software license in the world.

The program is cross-platform: GNU/Linux, UNIX, M$ Windows, Apple macOS are all supported. It is based on wxWidgets library, so the GUI is native for each OS, for example, it uses GTK+ for GNU, MFC for Windows, Cocoa for macOS. No fucking control emulation like Qt or Java does.

The program has been inspired and influenced by Ex Falso, popular meta tag editor for audio files. Many thanks to its authors! Used it regularly for my music collection.

The program is written in Perl. All modules like ZIP or XML are just bindings to C dynamic libraries, so it is fast as C anyway.

Now EPUB, FB2 and FB3 formats are supported. AZW/MOBI are planned.


Luna butterfly is a project mascot.

whereideasoverlap is designer of original 16x16 icon.


Maxi Liberation under GNU/Linux

Maxi Liberation under M$ Windows

Maxi Liberation under Apple macOS


Download Binary

The binary packages are available at these links.

  • Deb-based GNU/Linux distro:
    (sha256) 82f693c0b0c6d7e7b9491cd91a308c369d6995c77cbc377f33ef8d1a162c3c97
  • RPM-based GNU/Linux distro:
    (sha256) 938be5aa5464f8b5c44dec31313948c762aa191c85b038f3a500955d084eea94
  • Slackware and source-based GNU/Linux distros:
    (sha256) 4464dc4e20ca1b01d29d0c7e06708b76c825dfe62c14de0e454dcd35ac395d94
  • M$ Windows

Specific commands.

  • Apple macOS:
    $ wget
    $ brew install --verbose maxi-liberation.rb
    $ cpan -T -i Archive::Zip Config::Tiny File::Find::Rule File::HomeDir  \
          Locale::gettext Log::Log4perl MIME::Types Path::Tiny Tie::IxHash \
          XML::LibXML Wx
    $ cp -R '/usr/local/Cellar/maxi-liberation/0.27/Maxi' /Applications/

Build From Scratch

The source code is available at this link: